Horton SEO becomes Dr. Rankwell

Horton SEO Is Now Dr. RankWell

Horton SEO becomes Dr. Rankwell

In a marketing move akin to Sears dropping Roebuck, Horton SEO made a unique marketing decision that changes their name from Horton SEO to Dr. RankWell.  The tongue in cheek naming was a branding decision to take advantage of better marketing opportunities and a more memorable name to go with it.

Founder Chris Horton talks a bit about the change, “We wanted to make sure that the name sticks with you and even at some point makes you smile because it’s borderline silly. The marketing opportunities that it affords us is huge because we can actually think thematically about our delivery and it gives a fresh approach and renewed vision. By focusing on the medical spin of the name, the marketing ideas alone that you can implement are endless.

From a newly designed logo, an upcoming new mascot, and new writing style to follow, the refreshing take on SEO is humorous and renews their energy by mixing things up with this new perspective.  Chris Horton continues, “”We’re in the process of completing our mascot design who of course is a doctor and the marketing products and posts that we have come up are hilarious and inventive. It’s a much needed revamp on our marketing. The name is memorable and being remembered online in the cluttered world of SEO is very important.

But why change things after all of these years? Horton SEO has been in existence since 1996 (originally named Horton Web Design).  Most would say that to have an established name change after 18 years seems counterproductive and potentially derail your progress.

Dr. Rankwell‘s Marketing Director (M.D.) Patty Malaver responds, “I think it’s the exact opposite. You ‘re creating a renewed energy and sparking something new. I feel that Horton SEO has gone through a lot of stages and now you’re about to witness us emerging from the chrysalis.  We’re also establishing strategic partnerships to grow even more in our offerings. Everything is being taken to the next level and we’re very excited about the changes and the new possibilities that it will create. ”

Horton closes, “It makes me laugh every time I hear it and I’m hoping it sparks the same reaction from our audience. Making someone smile is half of the battle in any marketing approach.  Creating a name that can be easily remembered is a very deliberate strategic move.  Here’s to some amazing months to come.”


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