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Top 5 Bad SEO Tactics and Why They Don’t Work With Google

  I want to share 5 of the worst SEO tactics and why they don’t work with Google, but want to share a little background first. I ¬†saw a very interesting video on Moz by Cyrus Shepard the other day … read more


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What Is Google Page Authority

What Is Page Authority?

But what is Page Authority and how do you get it? Page Authority essentially asked the question, “Is your website the authority on that given search term?” What may be surprising to you is that even a simple adjective change can affect whether or not you show up in the search engine results pages (SERPS). read more




Yahoo Drops The Ball

You may have noticed over the past month or two that your Yahoo traffic has taken significant drops. While the analyst in all of us can’t help but think that something very bad has happened in the realm of dropped … read more



Rich Snippets, Microformats, and You

Rich snippets have taken over the search engines for quite a while now. Does it mean that you’re too late to go the party? Absolutely not. read more